Relisting a multiple quantity listing

I have some multiple quantity listings that auto-relist after 30 days. My doubt is, if I have a starting quantity of 3 items and I sell 1, when GS relist that listing, will quantity be updated ad show 2? Looking this listing quantity seems to be still 3…

Please tell me something.

Thank you

As far as I can tell it will relist with the same settings (quantity = 3).
You need to connect the listing with an inventory item to make use of the inventory tracking feature.

Regards, Kristian

That’s not good to hear. Don’t you think it is meaningless that “relisting with change” actually… don’t change?? Well, I don’t need an inventory since 99,9% of my listings are unique and I find not so useful using it only for a few goods…

That’s not what I wrote. If you make changes to your listings (e.g. change the quantity to “3”) and then select “Relist with changes” the relisted listings will have a quantity of 3, of course.

Hello @kristian , I know you did not mean that, but I wanted to underline that if an item goes sold, quantity 3 must changes to 2 and then when the listing relists “with change” I don’t understand why it is still 3… do you understand what I mean?


If there is any quantity left in the ended listing, GarageSale will re-list that listing with the remaining quantity. If all stock of the original listing sold, no re-list will happen.

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