Relisting Creates Duplicates for All & Inventory Quantity Fixed?

We have more than 1000 30-day Buy It Now listings on eBay. We’ve been manually relisting them each month in GS6 due to the bugs in the inventory quantity system of that version. Two questions.

  1. Whenever we relist an item GS7 creates a duplicate entry in the program. How do we prevent the program from creating so much clutter? I read in an old post about an option to select ‘Move original listing to’ in the Launch Control Center window, however we are not being given that option. Without a fix to this, it will be quite easy to accidentally relist the same item multiple times.

  2. Is it now possible to select listings to automatically renew and not have GS7 relist items that have zero quantity left to sell?

1): In the Launch Control window you just need to click on the icons in the bottom left corner to open these options:
(Scroll to “Launch Control Options”)

2): That should be possible with the atomatic restart function:
(Scroll to “Automatic Restart Feature”)

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, that works. Although it means we’ll have to remember to check/uncheck it every time we switch between relisting items and creating new listings. Would be less human error prone if we could have original listings of relisted items automatically moved via a Smart Group Folder rule.

Another minor change that would be nice, is to include Relist Listing, Revise Listing and Stop Listing commands in the right click mouse menu window.

You don’t because GarageSale saves your settings separately.

Well that it cool. :slight_smile:

Once the originals for relisted items are moved into another folder, do we need to keep those listings, or can they just be deleted without harm?

In GS6, there was a running count kept of all the times an item had been listed that could be seen in one of the popup windows. Is that information no longer being kept for display in GS7, as I’ve not come across it anywhere yet?

Yes, since you can only relist it once you can delete it. There’s a “Move Original to > Trash” option available in the Launch control.

In GarageSale 7 a listing can only be started once. In GarageSale 6 you had “auction templates” that you could use to start multiple auctions:

Regards, Kristian

Does this mean that we no longer have a way of knowing for how long an item has been listed on eBay? It was helpful to know in the past how many times an item had been listed, as that information could be used to help decide which items need to be placed on sale or repriced in the near future.

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