Relisting error " buyers love large photos" error

When trying to change a listing and relist it I am getting a ebay returned error and the relisting stops.
“Buyers love large photos that clearly show the item, so please upload high-resolution photos that are at least 500 pixels on the longest side.”

I am using Catalina and the latest garagesale 7.0
is this something new with ebay ?

Yes, eBay have increased the size requirements for photos. They are now required to be 500px minimum.

Is there a way to increase the size like thru an editor or something?
In my listings I use the stock photos and sometimes they are what they are.

sometimes I can get them to upload using the screenshot feature and then using the new picture to upload.

Have you tried opening your images in the macOS Preview application? There’s an “Adjust Size” command, which you could use to scale your image up to whatever eBay requires.

On the other hand, an “auto-upscaling” feature in GarageSale would be nice. :thinking:

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I did not know you could do that with that program. Thx

even if its just adding a decorative or plain white border to scale up the image size and prevent stretching or distorting the item for sale?

Another option is to drop the photo in “Pages” and cut a larger area, then drop it back into GS.

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