Relisting Listings I have manually ended on ebay

HI all, I listed 300 items 6 months ago through Garage Sale, and manually ended about 50 of them as those months ticked by. Now I have those items back in stock, and want to relist them from Garage Sale. I’m looking for an automated way to find out which ones of the 250 I have still active, and which are ended. I also need to update the stock levels of every single listing. I realise now I shouldn’t have manually ended them, I should have simply changed their stock levels to 0. If anyone had any advice on a clean way to do this that would be great. I could do a mass delete of them all on ebay and relist the lot from Garage Sale, but it would be nice to keep the sales history for each listing if possible.


I was able to export all my current listings of those remaining 250 from ebay as a .csv

Is there a way to export all the garage sale listings so I can line them up in a spreadsheet? exporting as .csv would be the ideal

You can setup a smart in GarageSale that shows only templates with running auctions. You’d still need to go each running listing template and update the quantity field to show your current stock level. But after having done that, you can select all these listing and re-list them by invoking the re-list command once.

Sorry, GarageSale can only export orders to CSV, but not the listings itself.