Relisting on eBay doesn't reflect in Garagesale

I noticed when I bulk relist on eBay not using Garagesale to relist but still originaly was built on Garagesale the item doesn’t show up as live (light blue icon) on Garagesale. Is there a way of fixing this.

If you start or relist a listing outside GarageSale, GarageSale is not aware of this listing.
You can import it from eBay though:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian, one last thing. Can I have my live items listed in alphabetical order.

Yes, as long as you put them into a group or smart group you can sort/order them by title. Please see the help here:

In general you can always order by title in Table Overview mode:

Regards, Kristian

Odd question, but if one imports a listing from my eBay that was not created with GS, does it become editable, or does eBay coding/html prevent that. Thanks

It should be no problem to edit it in GarageSale.

Hope this helps,

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