Remind me: Moving GS 9 to a different Mac

Is there a canonical guide to moving to a new Mac? I can find a few discussions online from the 2016 era, but nothing specifically for GS9.

The desktop machine I have been using is being sunsetted, and it’s time to move everything to an M1.

I suggest you use the Apple provided migration assistance when setting up a new Mac.

At some point in the setup of the new Mac, you will be asked if you want to setup the new Mac from another Mac on the same network or an existing Time Maschine backup.

I had some good results using a Thunderbolt cable between the old and the new Mac, but the same Wifi or Ethernet should be fine, too.

Sorry, I was not clear. It’s not a new Mac. It’s a different Mac, and it already has an account on it that I do not want to overwrite. I need to just move GarageSale data.

How do I do that?

You should copy the com.iwascoding.garagesale9 directory from ~/Library/Containers to the same place at the new mac. The folder is confusingly called “GarageSale” in the finder, so if you see several “GarageSale” directories under ~/Library/Containers, you need to invoke the Finder’s “Get Info” panel to pick the real one.

Unless you are doing everything from the command line, in which case you will sill the real directory names immediately.

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Thank you! I’ll need to move my Applescripts at some point, but otherwise it seems like it worked immediately.

Thanks also for that Ilja. I often have trouble finding that folder.


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