Remind me please: Disable show listing after launch?

I normally have very little trouble finding this sort of thing in the Help files, but I cannot recall or find the toggle which will keep GS from opening and displaying each listing after it’s launched by a Scheduled event. Also may happen when re-listing, but I am unsure at the moment.

Said another way: I want scheduled listings to launch, but I do not want the app focus to be torn away from me while I am in the middle of editing new listings. Which is what has just happened twice…

That is an issue I very recently reported to @ilja attention. I discussed it also in the past. I would like to disable it too, but that’s not possible… !! It makes impossible working while GS is listing, apart doing some trick like always displaying at least one listing, but that’s not practice. If you have no select, the issue will happen.

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But I really really thought I remembered that being a feature?

Mmhhh maybe are you referring to “select new listings after Relist” in preferences > eBay > advanced (last line)? But that does not concern scheduled ones, as far as I know…

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Are we talking about how the current listing being loaded in GS Launch Control jumps to the actual item after listing? Happens sometimes but not all the time which is weird.


Hi David,
as far as I could see, it happens mostly as soon as the process start, but it generally depends if when the listing is actually started you are selecting another one (not between those started) or if you are selecting nothing. In this case the issue will happen.

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yep, that’s really annoying.

Yes. I’ve been scheduling launches uniformly over the course of a 12-15 hour period, but only recently have these started interfering with other work this way. Probably because the number and density over the day has gone up lately.

I could probably adapt if there was feedback (even a little dialog box) but I’m usually copying text from something I’m reading, like the cover of a physical book, and often not watching the GS screen while I type on the expectation that the cursor will stay where I put it.

When relisting, do you usually have the “Move Originals” to option enabled?

Technically I should be careful: I’m not re-listing at all, but rather editing completed or stopped listings and then launching them with the GS scheduler.

It happens in both situations (and also more combinations…). Just to give an IDEA

P.S. Ilja please read private messages :face_with_raised_eyebrow: !!!

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