Removing Ended Listings


Garage Sale 6 used to have all the ended listings at the bottom; under one folder at the end of the left hand column

Having upgraded to GS7 they all appear to be mixed up - the issue i have is that there are around 10000 of them!

My issues are:-

  • How do i differentiate between the original template and the ended listings that can be deleted.

  • How do i then sort them so they can be deleted?


In GS 6 i could see how many times an item had been listed previously - so i could reduce prices if needs be - how do i do that now?

It also provided me with a list of how many i had sold previously - that seems to be present going forwards but i can’t seem to access historic sales.

Also it seems incredibly slow…


Anyone have an answer?

There are no such things in GS7. You can duplicate all listings and have a new listings that you can start.

You can create a smart group to find specific listings. But please note, you can not delete listings from smart groups. You have to use the “Reveal Original” context menu command.

I have to ideas to track that:

  1. Move all listings for one folder and you will see all relisted listings from one product.
  2. Link the initial listing to an inventory item. All resisted listings will be in the “Listings Linked with this product” table.

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