Repair image links error? HUH? what’s going on now?

repair image links error? HUH? what’s going on now? my image links are all aimed to https secure so what’s the problem now?

I don’t have click on links in my description. I only have images in my description. Ebay has not shut down my images on their site and will let me relist outside of GarageSale so why is GarageSale not allowing me to list? and giving me this error.

Do you get an error message in GarageSale?
Could you post a screenshot so we can see what you see?

Regards, Kristian

Yes I kept getting a repair image links error every time I wanted to list something even if it had no links in the description, clearly it was a bug, It turned out I had to renew my Ebay access Token to stop the bug. Thank you for replying

Thank you for letting us know.

If you should run into the same issue again (and if refreshing the token shouldn’t help), can you export and post the listing here (or send it to the support) so we can have a look at it?

Regards, Kristian

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