"Repair Image Links" only works on one listing at a time

just found that invoking the “Repair Image slinks” only works on a single listing at a time.

have tried selecting a folder of auctions, and also tried selecting several auctions, but it only modified the top listed one of any selection.

is there any way to make it work on a group or an entire folder of auctions…

especially when it used the Plural “modified Listings” in the same dialog box.

And as the whole reason for upgrading to GS 7, shouldn’t it do its work on Importing etc…


That’s not true. If you select all listings in overview mode, the command works on all selected listings.
Please see the help here how to bulk-edit:

Regards, Kristian

Hi, I stand corrected. I had been selecting the folder or all th auctions from list view, which used to work for me in almost every other “global” change.
regards, Sandy

Interestingly, I just tried this method on just one folder containing over a thousand listings…

the beach ball kept spinning for some time, then I got a notice from TechTools that my disk space was below 15%, and then the computer crashed… no kernel panic, it just when black and restarted… Hum.

will do this is smaller batches next time. got. to ambitious/hopeful.

regards, Sandy

Sorry for that. We’ll look if we can make that command use less memory when used on a lot of listings.

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