Reports do not show all Orders?

Hi, hopefully I am missing something simple, but I have not discovered it yet…

I note that the Reports only show listings created with GS, but not GS items that have Relisted via Ebay, even if they have sold.

However, I note that the Orders lists every item sold…including the ones missing from the Report.

How can I have these sold items appear in a Report?

I note that all the information fields to choose in the Report are available in the Orders section, all propagated with data from ebay/paypal etc., so am hopeful.

Thanks in advance.

Only orders started from listings known from GarageSale are included in reports.

You need to import the re-listed listings using the “Import from My eBay” menu command. There is an option hidden beneath the sprocket to only show listing not yet known to GarageSale yet.

Ah! Thank you, ilja.

I have experimented with the import choices, and see how they work.

I did notice one instance of something that sold this week, is paid, and already shipped, but it doesn’t appear with any data…it appears as unsold etc. I have changed the date range to cover the listing date, sale date, all the way to the payment and shipping date, it still remains ‘unsold’. (I note all this item’s sale data was complete already in the Orders, even before I “imported from ebay”). Any clues on that would be appreciated.

Thank you again.

The date filter in the orders section looks for the starting date of the listing, if I’m not mistaken. Are you sure the starting date for the listing of the missing order falls in the selected range?

I am having the same issue!! Once an item sells its not updating in the database! I have updated the listings numerous times without any luck! This could be a serious problem!! Thanks, Melissa

For instance I sold an item and the order has not updated on the GS side? I have refreshed my token and updated ALL listings without any changes? Thanks

Thanks again for your replies. Yes the date range covers the item sample…I am using “This Year”.

To clarify, re the sample item I am discussing:
The item is a Relisted by ebay item (the original from GS);
I have other items, also Relisted by ebay, but with a successful “Import from My ebay” (and imported at the same time);
I re-imported the item in question (I made sure all references to the item were deleted…as it found them in “Deleted Items” so I erased that. In case it was using an old record, even though the first time I imported it, it was already sold, and paid);
I can (again) see the item in the Report, but the only data is…
the ending time;
starting price ;
final Views count (at auction end);
final Watchers count (at auction end).

I note this is the same data as an Unsold item.

Also note:
I can see it (Imported) in in the Auction list, in Preview mode with its start data (per other items, sold and unsold, GS listings, and ebay Relistings);
I can see in Live mode the sale price, bids and views etc;
I can see it in the Orders list with correct data from ebay, including Shipping price.

Please let me know if any more information from me can help you assess this issue. Thanks again.

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