Reports for Active listed for Sale (Not Orders/Sold)

Is it possible to get a report out of some kind of the items listed for sale ( Not Orders Sold) in G.S. to give figures such as item cost, BIN Price, Postage etc ?

It would be useful to know a total of what the item costs are for all your listings etc.


Sorry, the reports only handle orders, since the idea of the report feature is to create financial reports / to keep track of your eBay income and expenses.

I can see that this would be a nice feature. Maybe this can be achieved by adding a “Total” row at the bottom of the table overview mode (Listing section)?

Yes that would work especially if the Quantity could be populated as well to total. Someway to export to a spreadsheet would be nice but just the totals on quantity and item cost would be good. Thanks

Maybe helpful for you: You can already export listings to CSV. Just select “Export listing to CSV” from GarageSale’s “File” menu. You then could open that file in and add a “Total” row.

And “Buy It Now Price”, “Starting Bid”, and “Current Bid” column totals would also be helpful.


Or at the Top of the table overview mode so it would be already visible when a Group Folder or Smart Group is selected.


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