Reports Help: How To Remove The $0.00 Listing Fees

I wan to run my tax report. I do not want the listings that have 0 fees due to free listings and no sales to show up in the report as this is pages and pages of useless data to print. It would be cut down by far if it only shows the items that had an actual listing fee or the items that sold. The selections I have chosen are item cost, listing fees, paypal fees, final price, final value fee & profit. What else can I do? My current report would be 118 pages, 1/2 of which are listings with zero fees.

I am going to add this screen shot of some items that were listed last year with zero fees. There are pages and pages when I print this out to take to my tax person that look exactly like this. If I could only print the ones that had actual eBay fees, sales, profits etc. It would save a ton of paper, ink, and hassle.