'Required minimum number of photos' conflict

Have uploaded a bunch of listings on GS7 to eBay, each with one image (which is usual for the ‘Stamps’ category).

However, eBay doesn’t seem to recognise this and is asking for more images to meet their ‘policy guidelines’. The alert reads:

“Required minimum number of photos: 1. For listings in this category, we recommend uploading 3 or more photos, which may increase your chances of selling by 5%.”

Makes no sense at all. Any ideas?


Hi Nick,

is this an error (red) or a warning (yellow) from eBay? If it’s a warning only you can ignore it and start the listing anway.

Regards, Kristian

It’s yellow and has no effect on the listing.

However, I believe it does have an effect on ranking your listing in eBay if they are not ‘optimised’ to suit their wishes…

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