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I hope someone can help me sorting out this pretty strange error. When I upload items to ebay UK, I get the message “Return policy attributes not valid on this site”. Of course I read all threads of people having similar problems, unfortunately - this could not give me any hint because my problem seems to be slightly different.

I have absolutely nothing written im my “additional return info box”. I accept 30 days returns, seller pays for return (and no restocking fee, there is no box I could tick for this anyway). So, I am rather confused. I read all ebay UK changes, but again - no input what might be wrong. When I try to change the uploaded item description (it is possible to upload!), I can not tick the box “international returns accepted” directly on the ebay site. Domestic returns accepted" seems to be ticked automatically. I am puzzled :frowning: . Any hint would be great, many thanks in advance!

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This one has hit me today as well (earlier threads seem to predate this).

I have tried removing the text from the return policy box - that didn’t work

I then just de-selected the tick box that says “returns accepted”; it now looks like I don’t accept returns (but in my line of sales it can be years between requests). The GS launch scheduler accepted these for listing without any warning triangles or error messages. I have still to test whether they will go through the listing process but I suspect the return policies are being imposed by ebay anyway.

Then we are already two!

I can upload (with warning), but when I go directly into the listing on ebay (in order to check or change), I can’t do anything - it looks like I only accept domestic returns. Which is not true.

Hi Sabine,

is it a yellow warning or a red error that you get from eBay? Warnings can be ignored and you can start the listingy anyway, that’s why I am asking.

If it’s an error message from eBay, could you export one of the listings in question using GarageSale’s export function (File menu > Export Listings) and post it here or send it to me (to the support) so I can have a closer look at it?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Many thanks for your quick reply! It’s a yellow warning, please see snapshot.

Also, I tried to exported the listing, but can’t upload it here because I get an error message “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, garagesale, txt, pdf, gslisting, zip, mov)”. Even though the ending of the exported listing is gslisting. So, I uploaded a link to the item, hope this helps. Many thanks in advance!

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Thank you for the screenshot. It’s strange that eBay returns that warning but you can simply ignore it. You can also right-click on the warning message and select “ignore”. This way GarageSale will suppress this warning in future.

I am still interested to have a look at the return settings in the GarageSale listing file. Could you try to compress (zip) it before trying to post it here?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristin,

sure - here comes a zip-version!

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Fancy 70s art glass vase by HIRSCHBERG pop art design Germany (373.4 KB)

Ooops, sorry - of course I meant Kristian!

Thank you.
You’re offering a 14 days return option. Due to eBay it seems you have to offer a 30 or 60 days return option.

More info about these changes:

Regards, Kristian

That’s right, but - I am not Top Rated Plus (so, 30 days are not required and no free return either). I tried it with 30 days and with 14 day, the result is always the same - and the error message is always the same. Yesterday, I spent the whole evening with this problem and googled through the and communities. Unfortunately, without any hint :frowning:

I see. I also find it strange that eBay returns that warning message. However, for now it seems you need to ignore it.
You can right-click on the warning message and select “ignore”. This way GarageSale will suppress this warning in future.

Regards, Kristian

Many thanks for your reply, Kristian. Hm…actually, it’s not really satisfying that all I can do right now is simply ignoring the warning. Anyway, I would have preferred a solution, of course (and I am still worried it might have consequences, you can never know when selling on ebay).

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