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Ive been using Garagesale for about 7 years now being I own a MAC, so I pay for the upgrade finally being easy is flagging all my auctions for the http problem using the version I am using Version 6.9.8b1 (626) so I upgrade , download and the new garagesale pops up and I go to start listing and it will not allow me to change any refund policy I DO NOT accept returns , my preferences on ebay are set up that way as well, it keeps giving me all these return policies to accept one is return policy 35206762 , Im not sure what that means , but I cant seem to change anything so I can continue on , so I had to go back to the old version Version 6.9.8b1 (626) to use garage sale for it to work , Help me how or what am I doing wrong to get this return policy to work for me and use the updated version I PAID for.


for me it sounds you have a return profile selected.
In the return options window there’s a menu at the bottom that lets you select one of your eBay “business profiles”. Just select “Don’t use” there.

“Profiles” for payment/shipping/returns are pre-defined rules which are mostly automatically created for each user by eBay. Hence the cryptic name. When used, these profiles override the settings for payment/shipping/returns you specified in GarageSale. You can view and edit these profiles on the “My eBay” page. GarageSale does not create or alter any of these profiles. For more details about eBay’s business policies, please see the eBay help here:

Regards, Kristian

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