Return Policy is not specified/Shipping policy not specified error

I have been using this software for at least 5yrs, i know it pretty well. 2 days ago i started getting this error incessantly. I have tried to change it every which way with no avail. I have deleted the username entirely and relogged back on. I have updated the policies, i have downloaded the update. And yet the same error. Any help would be greatly appreciated

With these errors eBay is referring to the profiles for payments, shipping, returns which are part of their so-called “Business Policy” Feature.

It seems the profiles you have selected (for payments/shipping/returns) use out-dated options. eBay then no longer accepts the profiles and doesn’t want to use them. That explains why you get these eBay errors.

Please edit your profiles or better create new ones. You can do this on the eBay website only.

If done, refresh them in GarageSale by selecting “Update Profiles” from one of the profiles menu in the payment, shipping or return options.

Also, we created a special help page only for this eBay feature:

I cant figure this out and its not working, I have been listing on the website so sounds like it should be fine. The profiles I have on my other account are working on the app

Did you download the edited/new profiles in GarageSale (select “Update Profiles” from one of the profiles menu in the payment, shipping or return options) and then select the edited/newly created profile?

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