Return Policy Not Specified

Hello there, I am not able to list an ad because GS 8.0b48 (1081) is not letting me pass.
I have no return policies listed on my ebay account settings either.
I have selected Returns Not Accepted on this ad.

Please advise.


I was able to open the ad by exporting it back into ver 7.0.18 (854) and list it, but I still would like to be able to use ver. 8 which I just paid an upgrade fee for. Thank you.

eBay recently made changes to the return options. Some options are deprecated now.
You’re probably using out-dated settings in the return options or in a return profile you have selected there.

If you have a return profile selected, please check and update it on the eBay website (in the “Business Policies” section) or maybe better create a new one. If done, select “Update Profiles” from the profile menu in the return options in GarageSale and select the correct one afterwards. You only need to do this if you use business policies at all.

Regards, Kristian

It would be interesting to see what your current Return settings look like. Could you please post a screenshot?

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