Return Policy Not Valid (in red & UK site)

I am getting a red warning and “Return Policy Value is not Valid” with “Please specify a Valid Return Policy Below”.

I am in the UK and trying to list in the Collectables/Art/Antiques category which does allow a 14 day return policy. I have tried changing the returns policy to 30 days but that does not work either. I have found the only way the listing will be uploaded is if I set the Returns Policy to also include International Returns. That means I then need to go to the eBay website and remove the international returns once it has gone live.

Is that something you can fix for Garagesale?


Hi Belinda,

eBay made changes to the returns option recently, e.g. using a return description is no longer possible. Maybe you’re still using this or another deprecated return option.
Please make sure you have the latest version of GarageSale 7 (version 7.0.16) installed which should cover all changes.

If you’re using a business profile for your returns you need to update it on the eBay website directly and then (in GarageSale) select “Update Profiles” from the Profile menu in the return options.

Regards, Kristian

Is that the only error message you are getting Belinda. I sometimes see multiple error message and it the third message that may be relevant.


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