Returns Pulldown only shows Unknown Profile

Hi - I’ve been using Garage Sale forever and although I don’t know everything, I can say offer that I’m well-versed in the Business Policies area of eBay and hopefully some trouble shooting areas as well.

For the past few days I have the following error
Returns: Unknown Profile from the drop down list

What’s strange is that all 200 of my other items listed thru Garage Sale all demonstrate the same thing all of a sudden – which isn’t possible because they were all successfully listed with my “default” (returns accepted) selected.

Payments and Shipping policies are accurately populated with all selections in the pull down. This is only effecting RETURNS

Here’s what I have done to try and troubleshoot, please let me know what I am missing:
• Waited a day, a second day, now I’m on the 3rd day with the same error.
My last listed item was 5 days ago
• Tried to Update the profiles in the pulldown, however this is not an option for Returns
• Tries to Update profiles in the side Options panel, also not an option
• Refreshed my Access Token (it didn’t need reauthorizing but I did it anyway)
• Refreshed Account Details
• Software up to date
• Also went on eBay website directly to see if anything seemed “different” with Returns business policy, everything seemed fine.

Using GarageSale 9.7.4 on a iMac running 14.4.1

I’d love to have this work because I wanted to use up a few more items for the rest of the month … thanks!

In general refreshing the eBay access token, clicking on “Update Account Details” and (re)selecting the profile is the right thing to do here.

  1. Could you post a screenshot of the error so we can see what you see?
    Taking screenshots is done easily:
    Press Command-Shift-4 on your keyboard simultaneously, then select an area with the cursor. It will be saved as an image file on your desktop.

  2. Are these listings “imported from My eBay” maybe?

  3. Does the selected return profile belong to another eBay account maybe?

  4. Go to the eBay website and check/edit your return profiles there. Maybe you need to make adjustments to the profile in question. It also might help to create a new return profile from scratch. (Click on “Update Account Details” afterwards and select the new profile in your GarageSale listing.)

Hi this is exactly the same as my problem since last night. I have done everything, reassigned policies and theses are showing up everywhere bar in returns.

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I’ve gone to the new alpha release and still the same problem.

@dn21media: Do you have only one single return policy or do you have created multiple ones on the eBay website?

Also, do you maybe have an older listing that still shows the correct return profile? If yes, can you please give this a try?:

  • right-click on one of the working listing and select “Copy Listing Components”.

  • right-click on one of the faulty listings and select “Paste Listing Components”. In that Paste menu only select “Return Settings” and hit OK.

  • Check the return options of the listing afterwards. Is a return profile available now?

Same thing here. All my saved listings now show Unknown Profile under returns and any Returns options are gone from GS Preferences too. Unchecking Use Profiles and using manual entry is a fix for now.

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 6.42.01 AM

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Pardon me! I did not realize I could post screenshots in these threads… thank you.

Top screenshot (record player) is LISTED. I have listed this about 5 days ago. The bottom screenshot (stickers) is NEW listing, unable to list due to “returns” error.
Also, I cannot update the “snippets” text either …

Yes, I have tried to use the “update profiles” option in the pulldown.
Unlike other times where it appears to “do something” selecting this has no effect.

I wonder if this is a recent glitch …

I typically keep an unlisted auction for stickers as I list various lots frequently – that I merely duplicate it and then edit accordingly.
In the event there was some inherent issue within this file, I created a brand new auction using the + at the top and the same result

This does not work! I have over 30000 listing and can’t afford this issue!

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I agree, my initial instinct was that there must be a problem with GS syncing with eBay’s business policies, so I went over there and my options couldn’t be more straightforward… so for kicks I created a TESTING ONLY Return Policy… to confirm this too would not update into iSale.

I have discovered exactly the same problem today - as you say, suddenly ALL my listings are affected and I have done all the same steps as you to try to correct it - this really needs some attention from the tech people at GS as lots of people like us will have listings they need to upload!

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I might be wrong but it looks to me like eBay was/is working on the business policies feature and broke something in the process :face_with_spiral_eyes: Why else would it suddenly stop working?

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just debugged this and eBay did indeed change the type of the (return) policy to something other than the documentation says (and something different than it was a few days ago. We will try to come up with a solution/alpha version in the next couple of hours…


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can you test this version? You can read more about the version here:

GarageSale 9.8 Alpha 5 Released


Spot on! Now working fine!

Thanks for your work Paul and Kristian!

Working for me now.

Do “Update Profiles” and they are accdssible.

Thank you GS team for the quick response!

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Thanks so much, very happy to find out that this is sorted this morning!

Well done Paul. Fixed for me and my old settings have been preserved.


Can anyone please help explain to me how I can apply this update - usually i would look for updates on GS and am not sure how to use an update via a link - sorry for being so untech savvy!!

You just put your current GarageSale version into the trash, then you download GarageSale from the link above.
Follow the instructions shown here to install it:

If still unsure, you can wait for the final release version that will come through the update mechanism as usual.