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I note that “Reveal Original” is available in smart Groups but not in the RHS Edit/Listings Pane.

Did a quick search but could not see this as having been mentioned recently so thought I would make the suggestion’

Smart Groups

Listing/Edit Pane


Yep, I agree. :+1:

David, funny you should post this!

I was just going to post this same suggestion tomorrow morning!!

Yes, this would be VERY Handy after selecting one or more listings in the middle pane.

Here is my scenario:
Select a Smart Group folder, then in the middle pane, filter via center pane popup and sort by header to find and select only a few of the listings. Then should be able to use the “missing” “Reveal Original” command to actually find those listings.

Great idea, David!! :slight_smile:


Uhm :thinking: did you try with double click over listing in Listing/Edit Pane @davidelliott @Neal ?

Spot on Federico. That is a great solution for single items which is probably sufficient for most cases but does not work well for multiple items. In smart groups, selecting more that one item will also reveal multiple items in the main listings pane.


Interestingly, If using smart groups to populate the RHS Listing/Edit Pane, double clicking returns the item in the smart group and not the original.

No longer sure what to think but I think I ams till leaning toward the pop-up menu in the Edit.Listing Pane having a ‘Reveal original Command’.


True, it works only for 1 listing at a time… let’s hear what they say, maybe it is easily fixable…

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Yes, I agree. Want to get at the original listings.


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