Revise Good Till Canceled

Hi, could somebody help me?
I want to revise my Sale in the GarageSale, I did a mistake, I uploaded the Sale with Good Till Canceled, I want to revise, but this is not possible. Please, help me. Thanks

Hi Fedorovics,

what happens if you try to revise the listing? Do you get an error message from eBay?

If so, you can post a screenshot so we can see what you see.

Regards, Kristian


my auction on ebay relived many times as good till canceled. I would like to change for a fixed 30 day sale. That’s why I downloaded the auction from GarbageSale on ebay, so I wanted to change it. Revision is not just Verify Listing that sends an error message. I attach the screen shot. And my Sale is on

Regards, Andreas

Thank you for posting the screenshot.
Could it be that you’re trying to start a new listing instead of revising an active listing?
What is the staus of the listing you imported from eBay? (For a icon legend please see the Help menu.)
The icon of an active listing has a blue or green border.

Regards, Kristian

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