Revise Listing to Enable Best Offer via Selected Properties Only

using GS 7.0.14b4

When revising an item to enable Best Offer, is there an existing property for it so that I can use the “Revise Selected Properties Only” I tried the Price property but it didn’t work

Here is the list of properties, not sure if any include best offer.

49 PM

Can you please check if that versions works for you:

Didn’t update on eBay.

i selected the new property “Best Offer Details” under Revise Selected Properties only - then the Revise Listing button. It went through the process of updating the item, but the item is not changed on eBay. its only updated in the GS gui. Tried it on 3 different items. I’ll PM you a listing export.

OOPS! Never mind. Quantity is there, and it works.

eBay can take a few minutes until changes to listings appear. Did you wait 5-10 minutes and check again to see if the changes worked or not?

Usually for me its pretty quick to update, but yes, I did check several times and now 20 hours its still not updated. Is it working for you? Maybe I did something wrong.

No, my mistake. Sorry for that. Here is a version that should work better:

Thank you! Works perfect now.

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