Revising listing imported from my ebay

moving from GS6 to GS7 with existing active listings is total pain :frowning:

just imported my listings. made all changes, spent several hours just to find that i can’t revise them !

GS7 know that this listings are active. so why revise option is not available?

GS6 approach to this was dumb but it works fine (connect template with auction through drag-n-drop and all done).

ok, looks like i found the problem.

when i import listings and then delete them (to deleted listings folder) and repeat import procedure - newly imported listings counted as not active. and those deleted - active and revisable.

not very intuitive behavior i think.


how do you import your listings? From eBay or from a file?

You should empty the trash. We can not import the same listing as active twice. That is more confusing than everything else I think…


importing from file not working at all. i talked to Ilija previously. He knows my situation.

yes, importing listing as active twice is bad idea. but i think GS had to notice user in some way.