Revising listing - keeps reuploading all pictures

I need to revise the shipping details of almost 1000 items.

When I go to revise these items with the drop down menu which lets one choose
specifics (shipping details) GS essentially is ignoring the specifics and reuploading EVERYTHING
including photos.

What is going on ?? this has always been happening

Even the first test ‘revision’ is getting hung up
with one photo (but only wanting to adjust the shipping details) and it’s 10 minutes still hung up.

So what is the solution Garagesale? I dont’ want to waste my bandwidth on reuploading 3000 photos for no reason (most of my items have 3-5 photos) - this is silly and aggrovating!!!

Now I thought this may be a redundant action (to relist photos when only wanting to revise let’s say in my case , shipping price options)
Thinking it was just ‘acting’ like it was uploading photos - i added 5 more photos to an existing listing to see what is actually happening.

Well the first time I did it, GS crashed.

Opened it , tried again. Now under the activity viewer, GS is indeed going through the cycle of uploading these new photos I posted in the item. So this is very bad, because why have the option of choosing one aspect to ‘change’ and then it simply is reuploading everything . Funny thing is now, when I look at the auction - it’s still the same 2 pictures (the extra photos are not showing up) so WHAT EXACTLY IS HAPPENING - WHERE DID THOSE PICS GO? Are they being uploaded and being aborted somewhere in the network, or is it being stopped BEFORE it goes through my router? Please , experts and programmers at GS - tell me exactly what is going on here so I dont’t wast my bandwidth and time.

I enabled Log WEBDAV - so if this information is needed , instruct me further.

I did a revision and it seemed to take much less time to do the action for 1000 items than if I was first listing them. So possibly the image progress bar is doing nothing in the end? I am unsure. Can anyone confirm what is happening here so we can close this thread?

Have you checked with the Console Utility if there was any suspicious output from GarageSale (please use the filter field to narrow down the output) ?

When revising auctions, GarageSale will check if your previously uploaded images is still available. From the outside, it may look if the picture is indeed re-uploaded, but it’s not if GarageSale can find the image on your server. The modification date of the image files on your server should prove this.

If your images are embedded in the description, because you host them on your own server, don’t forget to tick the “description” box, too, when selecting what parts of the listing to revise.