RFC - Multiple Sending Options

I have an idea for multiple sending options.

On the setting page I can configure default Sending options. But when crating a new Offer/Auction I often have to change those if the article is bigger or smaller than the preconfigured sending options. First i only send Packages in my own Country, but now i added the EU and Switzerland, now i have to change 3 or 4 options every time.

I would like to see an option to configure more default setting and tagging those. Like “Small” for small packages and add like 4,89 inland and 12,99 in EU. “Middle” whit 5,99 inland and 15,99 EU and so on. Now, while crating an Offer/Auction, I just chose an preconfigured send option and it will change all the Sending options.

Best regards,
Roman Oswald

Hi Roman, why not starting using ebay business policies (shipping/return/payment)? It might fit your needs.

I cannot find the Business Policies on the German eBay. Maybe i have to change to a Business Account first, but I’m not a business.

Ah yes, probably you are right, only business accounts have that option… in this case I do not know how you can do. Just wait for GS support if they have any other idea (I will never understand why ebay prevent people to use those few useful options …)

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