Same item being listed multiple times in automatic relisting

I have my auto relisting on and yesterday, it went crazy on me: it kept relisting the same items multiple times.
Ebay is showing a note for the duplicated item: this duplicate listing is not visible to buyers yet. It will be automatically become visible if your identical active listing receives a bid.

I still need to pay for the dups.

GarageSale shows a warning triangle for each duplicated item and when I do verify action template, it explains that the items are duplicated.

  1. How do I fix this? How do I stop the duplication while in auto relisting?
  2. My first step was to download and install the new version 6.9.3, as I have the 6.9.2 (605), however, it does not allow me to mount the file, at all.

Thanks for your help!

Can you please send us a screenshot from your re-list settings, so we can get an idea what to look for.

Can you check the “Warn before relisting box” in GarageSale so you have until we have figured out what’s causing this.

Please re-download version 6.9.3 from our website. The initial upload got truncated on the way to our server.

Hi, Ilja!

I was able to update to 6.9.3 - thank you! :grinning:

Are these the relisting settings you would like?

I’ve added an additional screenshot of the GarageSale error message.

Thank you, again!