Scheduler doesn’t work if screen is off

Hi there,

I run garagesale on my laptop which I keep plugged in. The energy saver keeps the system running 24/7 but I have the screen set to turn off after 15 minutes or when I goto a hot corner. I use an external monitor.

The computer remains awake as I can ssh into it and confirm that power is never off or in sleep mode. But the scheduler refuses to post a listing if the external monitor is sleeping.

When I sleep the screen with the hot corner it also locks my account immediately so that when I tap a key or move the mouse, I’m prompted for my user password.

I do this mainly to avoid my cat getting on my keyboard and making changes to whatever app is in the foreground. [it has happened before!].

Is there any workaround for this issue?

The way I use the scheduler is put in the date and time to start. Then I do the start listing function. The item is sent to ebay with the schedule information and it starts when the time comes. It has nothing to do with GarageSales still running on my machine or not.

Can you please check if the option to prevent sleep in the advanced eBay preferences is checked on your Mac?

It is checked. But also note that my MacBook Air [11"] is not set to go to sleep. The lid stays closed, and it’s hooked up to a large Thunderbolt monitor. The settings for Power Savings are set to turn the monitor off [well, put it into sleep mode] after 15 minutes of inactivity. The Mac is still awake, as I can remote into it via ssh and send print jobs to it, etc.

That’s strange. If that box is enabled, GarageSale prevents the system from going to sleep mode.

Also, we opted GarageSale out from all fancy power saving stunts Apple is trying to pull on us.

What macOS version are you using? Maybe we need to level up our power saving game a little?

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