Scheduler not working

I’m using GarageSale 7.0 Beta 47. Earlier this week I created a series of listings and scheduled them to launch early this morning. None of them launched. GarageSale was active the whole time. What’s going on? I’d appreciate help with this.

As an aside, ever since I started to use GarageSale 7, it never recognises that updates are available, even when I ask it to check for updates. Each time I have to keep an eye on the forum and manually download the latest beta when it appears.

Sorry to hear the scheduler is giving you trouble. It quite difficult to pinpoint the exact problem remotely.

I’ll send you a special URL in a private message in an moment. Once you click this URL on your Mac, GarageSale will send us your log messages, so we get some idea of what’s going on.

If you don’t have any scheduled listing within the next 24 hours, please go the “Logging” menu and disabled logging for now. Once you have have scheduled listing to go up within the next 24 hours, please enable logging again.

We’ll scratch out heads how to best diagnose this one. Maybe something in between your Mac and our servers is blocking or tinkering with the communication.