Scout app - Barcode data, am I missing something?

OK, so I have downloaded Scout as a barcode reader as I have many books I would like to list as quickly as possible. However, I note that the only thing the app generates from the barcode is the book title.

The ebay app reads the same barcode, generates the same title, but also generates:
“Product Details” (the lengthy description of the book);
and offers a stock photo (which I don’t need).
And of course I can List directly from the mobile app.

When the Scout ‘listing’ is shared into Garagesale the Attributes are all wrong (e.g. language of the book, category etc. obviously just ‘default’).

I note the Product section has checkboxes for "Additional information; Use stock photos etc, (as you would expect) but does not generate anything.

Am I doing something wrong? Are the expected features working, but just not for me?

Thanks in advance

(I note that Scout doesn’t even have a category in the Help Forum)

No response??

Further my original post:

I note that after launching some test listings, the ebay item eventually propagates the Product Details, but not immediately. Of course this information does not display in Garagesale Preview (so you could choose add only extra details in the Description).

And of course, still none of the Category or Attribute information comes into Garagsale.

All of which the ebay does. Pity.

Again, is it just my system, or is has no one realised that the back end of garagesale isn’t connecting long standing ebay features?


Sorry, that’s the data we are getting for that barcode through eBay’s public eBay. Can you send the ISBN of the book you are trying to list, so we can try to replicate the problem.

I’m pretty sure eBay has 10 times the number of engineers for it’s iOS app, than we have for all our apps combined. :wink:

If that checkboxes are added, the information will be added by eBay when you list your book, but are not available in the preview.

Thanks for the reply. In response to your comments…

For all the books I tried, there was no data brought to the Attributes, it just activates all the defaults. However, here are some of the ISBNs:

Also the ebay App ‘knows’ what Category to list the books. I note that if listing with the ebay App, if you change their suggested Category, then it warns that the Attributes will be removed. Maybe there is a clue in that? If GarageSale is not getting Category data, then it won’t get any Attributes data?

I appreciate the limit to your resources, and support you with buying your Apps :wink: (and providing valuable Feedback!!..I’m sure ebay has 10x the testers too!)

Thanks for confirming the Additional Information is supposed to add after listing.

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