Script Editor window

Can you save and restore the Script Editor window size, position, and separator bar location??

If I click the “Clear Log” button, and immediately click the Run button, frequently the app will beachball and hang.

After a bit of usage, running scripts and adding code, the Script Editor window gets very slow and unresponsive. It takes a second or two for every keystroke… And even scrolling lags behind.

Closing Script Editor window and reopening it does NOT speed it up.
Clearing Log does NOT speed it up.
Switching script does NOT speed it up.

It SEEMS to have to do with the number of listing selected in the Main Window… Strange…

Yea, if I switch back to the main window and change the number of selected listings from a folder with 1547 listings, to 1 selected listing then it is fast again!! Change back to a selected folder with 1547 listings, and the Script Editor window is slow and unresponsive…


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