Scroll Bar Missing From The Category 1 Pop Up Menu?


Hello, was there a scrolling bar here that allowed us to move back and forth when the category 1 pop up came up in order for us to see all the categories that are available to pick from?

Right now, you have to manually go back to see all the categories if it opens more than 3 sub section categories.

A scrolling bar would be so beneficial at the bottom, so we can just view the categories quickly.



Also here, the vertical scroll bar annoyingly disappears after 1 second. It should stay active and solid all the time.

Thank you!

What is your setting in the System Preferences, General panel???


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That’s the default behavior for Browser views. Even though the scrollbar is not visible, you can scroll by side-swiping on your touchpad or your Magic mouse.

As Neal pointed out, there is a system setting to always display scrollbars.

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Thanks for the response.

I am using GS 7.0.20. I should have stated that in the beginning. My apologies.

I will check my system settings. I can’t believe I didn’t check that first. My apologies.

Thank you both. Perhaps I do need to finally upgrade to 8 already and support your great company.

edit: I found it under my system settings (feel like an idiot) Thanks again for the help.

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