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It would be nice if we had filter options in the Search results window for GS7. As in sort results by Current Listings, Sold Listings, Unsold/Expired Listings. Or even just to automatically group the results in this manner. I’ve found myself having to scan pages of search results today in order to find the one specific listing for which I was searching.

Much useful would be a search engine who provides exact results, or a better filter as you require, so that looking for univocal code gives one results and not hundreds because they contain part of the code (for example, looking for ABC12 does not give me only ABC12, but also ABC120-ABC121-ABC122-…-ABC1200-ABC1201-ABC1210-ABC1234- and soooo on). Looking into many result, like @TNS points out, is quite confusing and frustrating…

Thanks. Added your request to our list.

I’d like to understand this problem better. In your example, is ABC12 as single word? Or is used is part of another word like “ABC12CDEF”?

Hello @ilja, ah yes, it is a unique word, not part of another word… but GS consider it as part of other words, that’s why looking for ABC12 theoretically returns infinite results (ABC12 and everything else that contain that word). There are at least two old topics where I pointed out it… did you remember when we discussed about this issue? It’s so long time I am hoping for a fix :pray:

You might want to give the “Whole word search”-option in this version a try:

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:scream: God it works!!! It does not recognize capital from minuscule letters (cbec1 does not exists but CBEC1 provide the only one correct results), but it works, absolutely marvelous !!! Yes maybe it’s better if it does distinguish capital from minuscule because it provides a very precise result. Absolutely grateful @ilja!!

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