Search function not working correctly

Logged this one 22 days ago and the last activity on it was 15 days ago so the topic is closed (a bit weird without resolution).

I tried searching with today’s version 7.0.8.b1 and it also failed.

However I dId notice something else that may be of use to you in tracking this problem. The search WILL WORK if the group to which the selected item belongs is EXPANDED. I

One week after lodging. No response.
Or have i missed it?

Very frustrating.


So far we couldn’t reproduce this issue. We’ll take another look today.


tried to reproduce the issue here, but unfortunately a selected listing from search result gets selected. Are you sure the listing is in the outline view? As you have a corrupted database, it is possible that you have some sort of ghost-listings, that appear in the search result but not in the listing hierarchy.


HI Paul

It is not a ghost listing. The item selected from the search pattern is highlighted in the LH window ONLY if the group it is in has been expanded.

I have about 40 groups. I will do further testing.


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