Search has changed and no longer displays items as before

I have 40,000 listings in the GarageSale database and have been using the product for over 10 years. Searching for listings is a daily occurrence and I have noticed a change in the results being displayed. This feature is crucial in my daily operations.
For example, in searching for:
NFL 1974 10/06 Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams Full Ticket
It now finds the listing only if you enter contiguous words. e.g.
NFL 1974 10/06
10/06 Detroit Lions.
Otherwise, it no longer returns the listing as it did before. e.g.
NFL Detroit
NFL 1974 10/06 Ticket
Detroit Lions Ticket
I have tried both “Whole Word Search” and “Show exact matches only”. Also, ‘All Fields’ is selected. I am using GS 9.2 (1502) and MacOS Ventura 13.1

I tried it here and named a listing
NFL 1974 10/06 Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams Full Ticket

I made sure that “Show exact matches only” was disabled and then searched for NFL Detroit.
The listing was found immediately.

So, the search seems to work fine.

Maybe it’s an issue with your database, maybe searching in a database with 40K listings just needs some more time?

It worth a try to let GarageSale re-index your database.

  1. Start GarageSale and immediately click and hold down the ctrl-key.

  2. A small window should appear allowing you to enable “debug options”.

  3. Select “Rebuild Indexes” and hit Continue.

  4. Try the search once again.

Thanks for the fast response. Everything is now working.


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