Search orders by item title

It seems this issue has happened before when I search topics here, but I’m not sure only me has the issue now? I get empty results while searching for items at the orders tab.

OSX 11.2.3

Anyone has the same problem?


Please click on that little magnifying glass icon in the search field and make sure that “All fields” is selected there.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply. I tried it but the results were either empty or some orders irrelevant

Maybe there’s an issue with your GarageSale database.
Do your smart groups work correctly in Orders mode? For example what happens if you create a new smart groups that filters by title? Does that work?

Regards, Kristian

I did so and there is no option for item title so I tried these instead.

Any - Quantity Purchased - is - 2
I got some orders of quantity 3 or 4 but no 2 items as result

Any - Buyer Name - is - Alex

No results, but I do have buyer’s name is Alex.


Bump up. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks

Can you please make a screenshot of the search field settings and post it here?

Also, you’re sure the order/title your’re missing exists in the Orders section?

Regards, Kristian

Maybe your search term is too short or contains numbers?

For performance issues, you have to type at least 4 letters before search starts. Also, if your search term includes numbers, those aren’t matched against what’s in your database.

Thanks a lot for the reply. I did some tests and here are the pictures.

  1. There is no item title so I tried with Quantity Purchased = 3 (then 2 and 1)

  2. For smart groups, Any - Buyer Name - is - Ben will not work but Any - Buyer Name - contains - Ben will work.

  3. For the search tool in the orders section, if I want to get this item

I tried these settings but no luck

Search by buyer name will work


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