Search problem!

Using GarageSale 7.0.21 (859) / OS X 10.10.5

This started yesterday - when I search, I get results in the left hand LISTINGS window. I used to highlight the one I wanted, and when I deleted my text in the search window, the item would be showing in the LISTINGS window, still highlighted. Now it’s not doing that. I saw that David had this issue a while back, but didn’t see a resolution. Any ideas? Thanks!


I had that issue too, quite annoying because that means it is corrupted. I recall that it fixed launching a debug feature, but I don’t remember exactly which one. I just advice you to keep a manual backup of GS folder in library before using debug feature.

Thanks Federico.

Could be - just had another weird thing happen. Ended a listing, went to resist it, and got the old SECURITY VIOLATION HTTP warning, though I know there was no HTTP address in the listing. So I made a new listing, copied everything over, then tried to verify - same problem. So I decided to take it apart to see where the problem was. First thing, I removed the photos, and BINGO it verified. Added the first photo - VERIFIED. Added the second photo - NO GOOD! So I opened all the photos and recorded them and renamed them. VERIFIED! Any thoughts? Database corruption?

I rebuild my database every couple of weeks now. Doesn’t take long and it certainly helps. In another post I made mention that removing ghost listings made a massive improvement to GS response time. You may have these and not know it.

What exactly are ghost listings? I’ll look up repairinf the database and try it tomorrow.

Look at this post

These listings cannot be moved or deleted. Do this before rebuilding

Don’t forget to make a backup copy of your database before doing these steps.


Thanks David. Is this a synching thing? Because I’m not on 8 and don’t have any of those blank listings (that I know of)…

No it isn’t. I do not use synching although it probably exists with it as well.


It might help to let GarageSale re-index your database.
Please give this a try:

  1. Start GarageSale and immediately click and hold down the ctrl-key.
  2. A small window should appear allowing you to enable “debug options”.
  3. Select “Rebuild Indexes” and hit Continue.
  4. Give GarageSale some time.

Regards, Kristian

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