Search & replace greyed out... why

trying to globaly search for a line in all my listings and replace it… (never noticed that my now conditions says I accpet cheques… ooops, that was ages ago)

but search and replace is greyed out, even when I am editing and rwiting in the listing itself… does not even work for a single word selected… but would love to be able to paste in a whole line. (as I can do in MS Word)

and no global search and replace for sentances,.?

anyone know how I can get this activated.




The Find command only works inside text in your item description in Editor mode.

A global “Search and Replace” function does not exist so far, sorry.

By the way for often used text blocks you might want to give the “Text Snippets” feature a try!:

Regards, Kristian

Oh how I miss the bulk search and replace function. A real time saver.

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