Search & Reveal Listing in Folder Hierarchy in Left Column

Listings are kept within a multiple level folder hierarchy in the left column.

When you search for an item it does not tell in which set of folders the item is located. In previous versions I simply used the name of the outer folder the listing was in as its SKU. In previous versions the SKU was located on the Advanced tab requiring me to click that and then go back to the Options tab before deleting the search and manually navigating to the folder in the left column.

I’d like the hierarchy of folders in which a listing is located to be automatically opened in the left column and the item selected. This could be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Double click on a single item found via search in the left column, which immediately clears the search and auto navigates the left column to the item, expanding any parent and child folders the item is in.

  2. Similar to #1 but its done via the contextual menu that can be opened by clicking the listing’s color coded icon in the left column and pressing the Control key.

Another option would be to display the folder hierarchy for the listing below the SKU in the Options tab,

This text could alternatively be clickable. When clicked it would remove the current search and automatically navigate to the listing in the left column with any parent folders being expanded.

This would be very useful.

And this would be even more useful.


Isn’t that happens when you clear the search string with by clicking the “x” icon in the search field?

I’m not entirely convinced, that invoking commands just for the item below the cursor is a good solution, when multiple items are selected. When multiple items are selected, menu commands or double-clicks should always work on the whole selection.

But here is a solution that might work for you:

When displaying search results, we could add a submenu to the context menu that shows the a found item’s location in the hierarchy.

Also, we could tweak the code, so that the “Reveal Original” command when invoked from search results, selects the item in the regular hierarchy. Note sure “Reveal Original” would be still an appropriate title in that case. :thinking:

Here is how it might look like:
Screen Recording (GarageSale)

When there is only a single selection in the search found list, in the left column, a double-click does “nothing”.

Can it select that item?? Just like moving the mouse all the way over to the other side of the window and clicking the Search field “X” icon.


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