Searching anomaly

Can anyone explain the following when searching?

1st search is for Beck’ Beer which is in the title and therefore produces the correct result.

However, if I search for Beck’s Beer which is also in the title then nothing is found.


For me it works.
Do you maybe have “only exact results” activated in the search bar? (click on the little magnifying glass).

Regards, Kristian

No Kristian
Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 5.33.41 pm.png

I still have to rebuild my DB so I will do that and then try gain.


It might be that you’re using different characters for the " ’ ":
e.g. ' vs.

Don’t think so Kristian.

If that was the case the first instance would also fail.


It probably has to do with the apostrophe character. The search indexer only indexes letters, not special signs, hence it probably matches “Beck” and “Beer”, but wouldn’t find “Beck’s”.

If you send us the listings in question, we can find out what exactly is causing this, but I cannot guarantee that we will able to fix it, so “Beck’s” returns the correct results.

Here is the listing in question.

German Sticker 1980s:1990s. Beck’s (664 KB)

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