Second images are disappeared

today I was giving a look to one order and discovered that the eBay listing only showed one image in the gallery, while there were both in description. So I discovered that an enormous part of my listings only shows one image in eBay gallery, although there should be two photos. I took one and revised from GS, after doing this the second image reappears correctly in the gallery. @ilja something went wrong in your image server??

Thanks for any info

The images at the top left on the eBay page are hosted by the eBay system (not by our image server).
Maybe you had GarageSale’s free image service selected in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images but at the time you started the listing the checkbox “Also upload to eBay, if free” wasn’t selected?

Regards, Kristian

@kristian “good” news (I mean, good for you, not for me…). I have just received this email from eBay (translated with google translate):

A technical error during a recent update, has led to the cancellation of some photos associated with some ads without expiring sellers. We managed to recover the first photo for each advertisement impacted by this error, but we were not able to restore the other photos.
Please download the list of your impacted listings and we invite you to restore the missing photos.
Although you happen to make a mistake, we know how much this takes away precious time from your business. For this we still apologize for the inconvenience.
The eBay Team

Come one, just a few listing . This is one of those cases I say: what would I do without GS ???

Damned ebay…

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