Section for HS tariff code?

Where can we enter HS tariff code for item? For the first time I wasnt able to print a shipping label for an item unless I had code entered.

Does anybody know? Or can you only enter it when shipping?

Where/when on eBay exactly do you enter that HS tariff code?
Is that an field available in your orders or only available when you try to create/print a shipping label?

Yes when i create an international shipping label its there. I was hoping there was a place in garage sale where i could enter it in the template because i cant create a shipping label if it’s not entered for many countries now. This just happened within the last few weeks.

Do u think this is a field that can be put on garage sale? Would help if i could just have the info on my template and not have to enter it 1000 times when im shipping.

You can select your customs category in GarageSale’s ‘Global Shipping’ preferences.

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