Security Policy Violation?!?

I have read about eBay’s policies relating to HTTP sources, but I am receiving the error stating; Security Policy Violation. Description contains HTTP resources, which are not secure.
I have checked the HTML text for this item and it only has one line that is actually HTTPS. I am trying to create text stating Contact Me and link that to my eBay page where people can send questions to me. that URL begins with;

As soon as I add that URL to the listing, it gets flagged.

So am I misunderstanding eBay’s policies on allowing HTTPS?

I think the flag happens from trying to have contact outside the message system. If I understand the eBay rules they allow no contact between you and the potential buyer. It must all go through the message system so they can get fees if the purchase is made. Too many sales were happening outside eBay and they don’t get the final value fees.

Well, all that I am trying to do is provide a link to ebay’s own message system so people and quickly ask me a question if they like.

I mean it’s not like the potential buyers can’t lick on my ebay name and then after another click or two, they can contact me. I’m just trying to make it a bit easier for people to send me a message.

Had this a lot - it woould appear that eBay uses the search criteria HTTP which also appears in HTTPS

I getthe impression that eBay programmers are pretty thick

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