Seem to be frozen on garage sale

I am not able to list any GTC listings and all my listings are usually fixed price. I receive a message that I do not have GTC pictures enabled. I know my subscription was to end sometime in September so I thought that my problem was that I needed to renew. Every time I click throught to purchase GTC picture pack on Garage Sale, I get a error message that my cart could not be processed at this time. I emailed support and got a bounce back that my email was not recognized. I sent another email to support through the general inquiry but have not gotten a response, Meanwhile, I have 62 listings I cannot list and am thinking I need to just list them on eBay without going through garage sale if. I cannot keep things organizied without using Garage Sale though.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry, the GTC image option can no longer be purchased. It’s now included in the new GarageSale 8 Pro service.
If you want to stay with GarageSale 7 you need to switch to eBay’s picture service in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images.

More about the new GarageSale 8:

Regards, Kristian

ok so is Garage Sale now a subscription service and you must have Pro to have GTC listings? For a smaller seller like myself it would not make sense to subscribe to Pro. Are there any other options or should I just use Ebay listing templates?

Just switch to EBAY picture services in preferences

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