Seller Policy required- Returns/Shipping

We have been getting the notices when uploading auctions, regarding the Seller Policies that will be required instead of the custom shipping/return policies. We have had seller policies set in eBay for some time now, so we can easily add them in GS. The problem, is that our shipping is calculated by weight, and when we have the seller policy selected for an item, we can not adjust the weight. If we specify custom shipping options instead of using the seller policies, we get the warning that seller policies will soon be required.

Is there a way to use the seller policies and still adjust the weight in GS? The Seller Policies in eBay do not have the option to add a weight, so we can not create multiple policies for the different weight classes.

Thank you!

The latest beta version of GS 6 has this ability. The current GS 7 beta doesn’t offer this, but we’ll ship a new beta version today or tomorrow that lets you specify shipping dimensions in the shipping options when a shipping policy is selected.

Thanks so much! I got the 6.9.8 beta and that gives the option to adjust the package weight while still using the seller policies… Perfect! :slight_smile: