Send Offer to Watchers window

Any way to limit the listings that populate the “Send Offer to Watchers” window with only the currently selected listings? Maybe if the key is initially held down???

Or maybe add the same popup menu from the top left of the “Bulk Find and Replace” window, Search/Show “Entire Library” or only “Current Selection”.

I have a Smart Group that shows the listings I would like to Send Offers to. I would like to Send Offers to a few listings, change the Offer Fixed Price, Send a few more, and repeat until I have done all of the listings in my Smart Group.

And Smart Group Rules “Send Offers - Eligible” and “Send Offers - Sent” like the eBay website filters would be helpful… :slight_smile:

Also, the Save Current Presets command does not seem to work after Quitting and Relaunching the app…

And the Manage Presets dialog window does not ever show any Saved Presets.


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Having some options on “send offers” sounds interesting to me. Using smart groups to pick them is a great idea.

I agree. My main problem sending offers from ebay site is selecting new listings from older ones. On newer listings, I do not apply large discount as I do on those older. If I could manage this in GS, I might set a specific smart folder to filter older and newer listings which are eligible for the offer. I also could filter them by category… That would be nice…

Also… GS doesn’t allow 5% discount and ebay does.

Can you also save and pre-populate the previous settings for the Radio Button group (Offer Fixed Price) and values and Message text field?



And GS does allow 100% discount and eBay does not.
On eBay % discount must be < 100%.


Who would want 100% discount? 5% I understand but sell for 100% is not selling it is giving

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