Setting expire date in smart folder

is it possible in some way setting a smart folder to show all expired (sold or not) listings filtering them by date? I mean, a sort of “date of expire is/is not >/< of” and then time (days/weeks/months/years…)… it would be extremely useful to filter listing using the date of expiring!
I hope someone could help me.

Thank you

No one can help me??

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to set a sorting criterium for smart groups. But maybe we should add one. :thinking:

That would be fantastic and very very useful :slight_smile:

@ilja and what about using smartgroup filtering folder where listings are stored? Is it possible to do some way? like:

  • listing is ended
  • folder stored is …

That would be so useful, but I don’t understand how to do…

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