Setting pre new template with design properties filled up


Among many templates in Garage Sale, I use Pro : Header Store template the most.
In that kinds of template offers advanced property settings such as Custom elements or font setting.

but every time I try to make new template, I had to fill up those custom elements all over again. (I think writing info on that custom element section makes better look of listing.)
I just want to save up some time to fill up shipping policy and return policy etc.
Is it possible to fill up those section on pre new template? cause I could not find any on Preference-New Template section.

Or if possible, could you make those custom element section to revisable on Preview Mode? not through tiny Inspector section.

Kyle K.

Hi Kyle_K,

what you could do is to create pre-made auction template(s) that contain(s) your favorite settings and create duplicates of it each time you want to create a new auction.

The “General Usage” section here might be helpful, too:

Regards, Kristian

Thank you so much Kristian!
So I have to make Master template folder and master template to use pre set up templates. Make sense.
Thank you for your kind help!

Kyle K.


Is there some way of editing the html or plist files for the pro design template so the text for the custom properties is added to all new listings created using that template?

I’ve tried replacing the placeholder text (e.g.: “Enter text in the properties inspector”) with the custom text I want to use, however wasn’t successful.

Hi Sterlingcurrency,

how about creating a master template that contains all your settings/text?

Are you referring to your own custom design?

Regards, Kristian


I’ve done that in the past without any problems.

That was when I was creating the listings within GS, i.e. writing the copy and adding the image URL’s in manually.

I had a library of stock templates I would work with, and would re-use them time and again as needed.

I am now exporting the listing data from my POS, converting that data into an XML file, then importing it into GS - the default template I use is a pro custom design.

This is a much quicker workflow for new products, although I do need to add the custom info box text.