Setting up Attaching photos to GS

its been years since I used GS and I have forgotten everything. Not tech savvy, not even sure what a server is Can’t find my old account and can’t get photos and eBay together Been following the manual ALL DAY but don’t get it sorry!
Not as easy and user friendly as they say it is

No need to mess around with server settings. Just select GarageSale’s picture service or eBay’s picture service (EPS) in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images.

To use GarageSale you have to add your eBay account in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts. If you have lost your eBay account password, please visit the website to request a new password there.

Once you have setup both, it should be possible for you to start your first listing from within GarageSale. If you run into problems, just post it here. We are happy to help.

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Thanks for this . I have linked eBay to GS and picked the eBay image thingy.
It is still not working and the ‘Verifying’ button keeps going round when it says “generating Preview” and it won’t download categories on the eBay page, seems frozen. I’m sure its something I haven’t done but can’t think what

If not done already, please add your eBay account to the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.

If you have already done this, maybe it helps to refresh it, and afterwards update the eBay category data manually by clicking on the first gear icon in the category panel.

Still stuck unfortunately Been like this for half an hour
The eBay page is frustratingly there with photos but I can’t go any further


Have you already refreshed your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts?

Is that the circle with the cross inside?
Ie ‘category 1: o+’ The only gear icon is whizzing round and says underneath ‘generating preview’- it’s been doing that for hours
The verifying yellow window is also moving with loads of red triangles with ! Inside

yes several times and refreshed categories

I think Ive broken Garagesale

How up to date is your version of garage sale? The current version is 9.5 and if older then version 9.0 it will never work

It’s version 9 Updated it yesterday as
I couldn’t access my old version
Just spent £20 doing it
I have the new version app on my Mac desktop
Should I try deleting it and reinstalling it or perhaps switch my Mac off and on again to reboot?

So, everything looks fine in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts
and refreshing the eBay category data also went through finally, did I get this correctly?

It no longer says “Downloading Categories” but still “Generating Preview”?

Restarting your Mac is worth a try, yes. Re-downloading GarageSale shouldn’t make any difference.

Sorry No still no joy
Perhaps something to do with my settings or firewall?

Have you already seen my previous post?:

Can you give some feedback?

Is there anything special about your network/internet connection? Do you maybe use tools that can block the network (e.g. “Little Snitch”) or do you use a VPN, proxy server or something like that?

HI Kristin
Sorry I did miss this message
I am not away of any special connection
I use Duck Duck Go as search engine but that’s all

Ive just deleted the existing GS app from desktop and reinstalled version 9.5 using Chrome and Fingers crossed it seems to be working

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