Setup for a safe sale? tips please

Thanks for your patience… another beginner question :slight_smile:

I would like to create a very safe setup to limit problems as I am just starting:

I would like to limit sales to the US only, I have done the following, did I miss anything?

  • I have only setup domestic shipping within the shipping options.
  • Buyer Requirements: Block buyers from countries I don’t ship
  • Shipping Options: Checked all Countries

I noticed that there is an option to block PO Boxes in the shipping options. Is there any reason to block PO Boxes from either a safety, scammer or other reason?

Any other tips to create a very safe setup? I’m sure that as I proceed I’ll feel better about lightening up a bit.

thanks in advance

Blocking PO boxes has to do with USPS not delivering to an verified address rather than a security issue.

I will be using USPS, is this a useful option, or do most people ignore this checkbox?

I have business profiles set up on ebay so those preferences are determined there rather than a GS setting

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USPS postal boxes require you to fill out a form and show an I.D. when you initially apply for them. Here they are renewed on an annual basis. In this small town USPS only delivers on a couple streets, and the main highway through town, which are on a regular rural mail route. All other citizens may obtain a free postal box at the post office.

Blocking these locations does not prevent someone living in these blocked countries from attempting to buy your item. Some foreign buyers will attempt to circumvent your eBay and listings settings by using a mail forwarder. This is a company located in the U.S. that they will have their item shipped to. Your item may be opened and repackaged by this firm before being reshipped.

You do not want another company opening your carefully packed item and repacking it, damaging it, or stealing content. You will be blamed for it! Many eBay fanboys will tell it is perfectly safe to ship to reshipper as once it reaches the reshipper you are now safe. This is not true as the buyer still has numerous ways to file a dispute regardless of what eBay says or its payment processor. eBay can’t stop the buyer from filing a dispute with their bank or credit card company for something the reshipper did but which you are being blamed for.

You need to add terms to each listing that specifically state terms similar to these:

You only ship to U.S. or APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

You do not ship to U.S. territories.

You do not ship to reshipping or repacking companies.

You do not ship to 3rd parties as requested by the buyer (i.e., the buyer wants you to ship to someone else). This could be a gift, a person they are using to collect their items in the U.S. or a scam.

When a foreign buyer now circumvents your eBay settings and tries to buy your item you have the terms in your listing as additional backup. The fact that they didn’t read them or ignored them is a moot point. Such a buyer is in violation of your terms and is not legally entitled to purchase your item as there is no valid sales contract. In this case you contact eBay and have them cancel the transaction at their end for the buyer violating your terms. You can also have eBay remove any negative feedback they leave for refusing to sell them the item they have no right to buy.

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